Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dinner Report - Pork Arepas with Cabbage Slaw from Food and Wine

Against my better judgement I let Vince pick a dinner this week.  Amazingly, he didn't pick the single most labor intensive thing he could think of but rather Pork Arepas with Cabbage Slaw from January's Food and Wine.  If you haven't had an arepa, you have missed out - its masa dough wrapped around a filling of something delicious (in this case roast pork and cheese) then fried until crispy and brown.  This recipe called for topping the arepas with sour cream, pickled jalapeno and cilantro plus a tangy red cabbage and onion slaw.  All in all the dish was spectacular - the creamy, crispy arepa, cold sour cream, blazing hot jalapeno, and cruncy slaw with just a touch of cilantro.  I was in heaven. 

As always I didn't get a good picture but I've borrowed the illustration from Food and Wine's website where you will find the recipe if you're of a mind.  Actually I think ours looked better but that's just me.  

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