Friday, January 13, 2012

My condiment problem

It actually might qualify as an addiction.  I have almost never met a condiment I didn't want to buy.  Pickled garlic cloves?  Oh yeah.  Habanero orange jelly?  Bring it on.  Salsa de pocha?  Do I even know what that is?  Doesn't matter, I want it.  Does it have a cool name or a vintage style label?  I'm there even faster.

The end result of this is a refrigerator crammed with jars, bottles and cans, in some cases stacked two deep in the door. It doesn't help me much that nobody in this house worships at the altar of the condiment like I do. 

In keeping with my plan to do new things this year, I'm going to set my mind to creating meals using up some of these goodies and if they turn out not to be so good, I will toss the stuff out.  Maybe by 2013, I'll have one of those clean, spare refrigerators like you see on Barefoot Contessa. 

Don't hold your breath.

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